We have some fantastic speakers and entertainment lined up to make this one engaging, informative and memorable festival.  Check back often because we’ll be updating this page as more great talent is scheduled.


Ashton Kutcher

May 12 @ 10:15am

Converting Customers into Fans

In our keynote event, Ashton Kutcher, an actor/producer who has parlayed his on-screen success to a become a highly respected venture capitalist, shares his tactics for turning customers into fans. Ashton will offer insight based on his unique background as an entertainer, and share the marketing advice he's giving to his portfolio companies today. Please join us for this keynote event where you can learn lessons from an iconic entertainer and businessperson and apply them to engage your customers in new and unique ways.

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MAY 13 @ 10:15AM

Sit-Down with the Braun Brothers: Comparing Marketing Approaches between Philanthropy and Talent Management

For the first time, Adam and Scooter Braun will be on-stage together to dissect their marketing approaches to philanthropy and talent management.

Adam is the Founder of Pencils of Promise, a non-profit dedicated to building quality schools and sustainable education programs. Scooter is the Founder of SB Projects, a diversified entertainment and media company whose clients include Justin Bieber and Arianna Grande.

The focus of this discussion will be the specific tactics that have allowed Adam and Scooter success in executing their respective marketing funnels and gaining fans by the millions and funding for a thriving non-profit.

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Shannon Miller

May 13 @ 4:00PM

The Gold Medal Mindset

Shannon discusses how the gold medal mindset leads to victory on the competition floor, in the boardroom, and in our personal lives. With seven Olympic medals, Shannon utilizes her critical insight to share what it takes to be a winner: the importance of goal setting, leadership, maintaining a positive attitude, and teamwork. Through her Olympic and personal experiences, Shannon explains ways we can overcome even the most difficult obstacles standing in the way of our success.

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Industry Keynotes

Jay Baer

MAY 12 @ 11:15AM

Sell More by Selling Less: Connecting with Customers in the Age of Instant Information

Today, employees reach a far larger audience – and are more trusted – than the official social media channels run by corporate marketers. Every team member is potentially in marketing, but this "social selling," as it's called, isn't really selling at all in the classic sense. Instead, it's about unlocking the potential of employees to provide information of value to customers and prospects. Because online, the paradox is the less you sell, the more you sell.

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Brian Solis

MAY 13 @ 11:15AM

The Evolution from Technology Champion to a Catalyst for Transformation

Many technology champions fight to help their organizations develop relevant digital strategies to improve how they communicate value to customers and ultimately increase engagement with them. But technology is only one part of the story: the lessons we learn from these new devices and channels create the potential within organizations to improve collaboration and innovation both internally and externally.

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General Session Speakers

Welcome to the Future of Marketing

May 12 @ 2:00PM

Bob Fair

Co-President, Teradata Corporation
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Leveraging Facebook Advertising and Your Knowledge of the Customer to Drive Value

MAY 12 @ 2:20PM

Steve Irvin

Global Head, PMD Program, Facebook
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The Power of Individualized Marketing

MAY 12 @ 2:40PM

Lisa Arthur

Chief Marketing Officer, Teradata Marketing Applications
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Digital Mega Trends… and How Marketing Can Profit from Them

MAY 12 @ 3:00PM

Nicolas Mohr

Global Digital Marketing Leader, Teradata Marketing Applications
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Don't Be a Creep: A Marketer's Data Responsibility

MAY 12 @ 3:40PM

Sean Shoffstall

Vice President of Innovation and Strategy, Teradata Interactive
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Omni-Channel Perspectives

MAY 12 @ 4:00PM

Jenne Barbour

Director Marketing Strategy, Teradata Marketing Applications
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Dominate Digital Disruption Before it Dominates You

MAY 12 @ 4:20PM

Ray Wang

Found and Chairman, Constellation Research Inc.
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Jumpstart you Mobile IQ, Master the Omni Channel

MAY 12 @ 4:40PM

Stephen Brobst

Chief Technology Officer, Teradata Corporation
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