Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud

Create High-Powered, Multi-Channel Marketing Magic

Need to respond to your customers in real-time with relevant, cohesive, and industry-compliant messaging? Teradata can help. Only Teradata offers integrated marketing applications that let you automate processes and power multi-channel campaigns with data-driven insights.

By seamlessly weaving together the core components of Teradata’s Integrated Marketing Cloud with your enterprise marketing program, you can systematically strategize with Marketing and IT, empower your entire organization to capitalize on customer data, and even measure and operationalize insights, and fully embrace data-driven marketing.

Find out how successful companies worldwide are using Teradata applications to resonate with customers and improve ROI in today’s real-time world.

Marketing Operations

Be agile, be proactive with Teradata Marketing Operations. Manage workflows, budgets, and market-ready assets that meet brand standards and industry regulations.

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Campaign Management

Deepen your customer relationships by delivering personalized, relevant, real-time inbound and outbound communications with Teradata Campaign Management.

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Digital Messaging

Create, test, execute, and optimize your digital campaigns via email, social, and mobile with Teradata Digital Messaging.

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Marketing Analytics

Harness the power of your customer data — across campaigns, platforms, geographies, and departments — to build truly relevant, sales-generating marketing strategies with Teradata Marketing Analytics.

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Customer Data Management

Transform your customer data into actionable insights that help you honor customer privacy, preferences, and permissions – while generating compelling marketing strategies – with Teradata Customer Data Management.

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Create and implement an integrated marketing solution that works for you. With more than 30 years of marketing, data, and analytics and more than 2,400 global implementations completed, the Teradata Services team has the unparalleled experience required to get you from application design through implementation. Teradata Services can provide the professional support and strategic guidance you need to maximize the value of your technology investment.

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