Digitally Disruptive Multi-Channel Marketing

Communicating with your customers on their terms is essential in today’s competitive landscape. Your customers want and expect connected interactions that are relevant and timely.

Gather historical, digital, lifestyle, transactional, and even real-time, location-based customer data that helps you understand your customers on a more intimate level than ever before. You can create data-driven marketing campaigns that speak to customers’ individual needs. Send the right message via the right channel at the right time – and get the results to power your marketing.

With Teradata Omni-Channel Marketing, you’ll be able to drive two-way customer communications when, where, and how your customers prefer. You’ll be able to power your social media marketing strategy with timely, relevant social posts. You’ll reinvigorate your email marketing strategy by sending individualized emails that increase customer engagement, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. You’ll be able to spark your digital marketing efforts by sending push notifications and SMS messages that catch the right moment.

Teradata Omni-Channel Marketing includes the Digital Marketing Center and the Data Management Platform. Together these products and their associated services can help optimize your customer engagement, enabling the design of powerful customer experiences that support your entire business, drive lasting brand awareness and increase revenue.




Online & Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions from Teradata

Digital Marketing Center

Connect directly with your customers by designing, optimizing, and delivering digital content for email, mobile, and social channels.

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Data Management Platform from Teradata

Identify and Analyze Audience Behavior across Every Channel

Gain deeper customer insights to drive your Individualized Marketing efforts. Collect and unify data from paid, earned and owned channels with the Teradata Data Management Platform.

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Marketing Applications Services


Support for every aspect of your integrated marketing strategy.

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Omni-Channel Marketing Solution Overview

Digital Marketing Center Overview

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Working Toward Omni-Channel Campaign Management Success

Current customers using Omni-Channel Marketing have completely revitalized their marketing – enhancing customer interaction management strategies, and increasing revenue with the help of Teradata. 

  • An international insurer boosted campaign performance by 50%
  • A global e-commerce retailer sent 1.5 billion targeted emails per year with a 30% open rate
  • One of the top clothing retailers in the U.S. achieved a 50% open rate and sends four billion responsively-designed emails per year


    Designed Specifically for your Marketing Communications Flexibility

    Teradata Omni-Channel Marketing gives marketers the tools to create customer interaction strategies by leveraging integrated insights and improving all online and offline engagements. This eliminates message fragmentation and inconsistent data sharing by empowering the organization to turn these insights into actions.

    Omni-Channel Marketing enables marketers to better visualize their marketing plans and marketing objectives, optimize marketing campaigns, and build audience segments. Omni-Channel Marketing has fully embedded digital marketing and analytical capabilities to make the industry’s most powerful and complete marketing software solution.

    Omni-Channel Marketing is used across multiple industries. Many of Teradata’s customers are defining modern marketing in the financial services, telecommunication, food and beverage, healthcare, CPG, retail, hospitality, travel and transportation and manufacturing industries.

    Powering Omni-Channel Retailing & E-Commerce

    Online retailers or any brand that uses the Internet to connect with customers has the need to use efficient and accurate marketing processes to ensure deliverability with timely, relevant messages to the right customer at the right time. For omni-channel retailers that want to achieve e-commerce marketing success, Teradata’s powerful solution is the most flexible, most powerful solution. Create automated campaigns that are highly individualized for every customer.

    • Build campaigns and assign collateral for each step in the purchase process
    • React to shopping cart abandonment with an email pointing to the already-filled cart, and send other triggered or event-based emails
    • Execute real-time interactions across call centers, web (paid, earned, and owned), kiosks, ATMs, point-of-sale, self-service, email, SMS, social, mobile and more
    Omni-Channel Call CenterOmni-Channel emailOmni-Channel InStoreOmni-Channel InStoreOmni-Channel POSOmni-Channel Web
    • Analyze and predict customer behavior to increase communication effectiveness
    • Respond to online activity with the next-best-offer, and present enticing cross-sell and up-sell offers
    • Visualize ROI, campaign results, and more


    Why Teradata Omni-Channel Marketing?

    Boost profitability. Increase campaign conversion rates. Gain a centralized view of customers. Identify customers’ preferred communication channels. Coordinate multiple interaction points. Analyze and predict customer behavior. Integrate online and offline channels. Communicate in real-time across multiple channels. Enhance deliverability of advertising. Increase brand recall. Achieve agile marketing by being there when customers need you.

    The Future of Marketing is Individualized, Right-Time Customer Experience Management 

    Marketers know the rate of change is unrelenting. As a marketer, you’ve been grilled about the potential of social media marketing, using multimedia to capture attention, and using mobile to send push notifications, collect proximity data, and location-based data. You’ve lost sleep thinking about how to integrate your multiple channels – social media, point-of-sale, email, mobile, and more – and how to prove ROI. How can you know where you stand – and ensure that you’re surpassing the competition?

    In short, if you’re working in marketing today, you know firsthand that in order to keep up with the pace of today’s disrupted customer, you have to understand your audience and communicate with them – not to them. With Teradata Omni-Channel Marketing, create connected interactions across all channels, and achieve Individualized Marketing that lasts.

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