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It is easy to make informed decisions and implement new strategies with a comprehensive view of marketing activities, spend, resources and assets. Marketing Operations, which includes Planning & Spend Management, Workflow & Collaboration Management and Marketing Asset Management, integrate into a centralized marketing hub to help you coordinate workflows, manage marketing resources, and leverage deliverables. You can:

  • Drive marketing agility to enable desired marketing performance
  • Properly align fiscal and human resources
  • Satisfy industry regulations and brand standards through an established review process
  • Measure and optimize marketing performance
  • Enhance accountability and flexibility for your marketing spend
  • Generate actionable reports that show qualitative business results
  • Minimize internal silos and maximize collaboration

“Before costly changes are made, we can get all the reviewers’ input, so money is not spent on having to go back and revise a document [numerous times].”

Michele Kelly
Senior Marketing Operations Specialist, MedImmune

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Marketing Planning Software & Tools, Marketing Spend Management

Planning & Spend Manager

Find out quickly what’s working and what’s not — and react instantly — with a tool to help you plan, track, and maximize the impact of your marketing spend.

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Marketing Workflow Management from Teradata

Workflow Management & Collaboration Manager

Think proactively, work collaboratively, and get the input you need to execute powerful — and compliant — marketing campaigns that provide real value to customers.

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Marketing Asset Management from Teradata

Marketing Asset Manager

Maximize investments in brand messaging and asset development with a centralized asset management system that makes it easy for colleagues worldwide to access approved marketing resources.

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Marketing Applications Services


Support for every aspect of your integrated marketing strategy.

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Marketing Resource Management Solution Overview

Marketing Operations Overview

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