One product. Many Ways to Reach Your Digital Customers.

Teradata Digital Marketing is a cloud-based, all-in-one digital marketing hub that enables you to quickly and easily take full advantage of the many ways to communicate digitally with your customers. Mix and match email, mobile, social and web marketing channels to send tailored messages at the right time and in the most effective way. Leverage Teradata Digital Marketing to engage the individual customer across paid, earned and owned channels while optimizing anonymous-to-known conversion to drive a relevant and specific message to that individual in an integrated and coordinated way. This allows you to develop a deeper customer connection, increasing acquisition and improving retention.

Deploy powerful marketing analytics to discover how customers are responding, then accurately segment your database to reveal new ways to create individualization. Now you can build closer relationships with your customers based on real data, not guesswork.

Efficiently create sophisticated digital campaigns that focus your marketing creativity to inspire your customers. This single Digital Marketing product means you no longer have to deal with cumbersome, disjointed systems for email, mobile, social, and web. Teradata Digital Marketing Center’s modern, intuitive dashboard lets you see quick overviews or detail-rich reports, giving you total control of multi-channel digital marketing.

“Following a programme of optimisation, open rates had increased to an average of 60% and click through rates reached highs of 25%. This yielded actual weekly sales that at times were in excess of 120% of the cost of the initial deployment.”

Saj Bhojani
Digital Marketing Manager, Halfords

Email Marketing & Email Marketing Software from Teradata

Email Marketing That Works Every Time

Use comprehensive email marketing tools such as preview and test runs to ensure your email messages hit the inbox looking right every time and with individualized content to generate maximum response.

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Mobile Marketing, Responsive Emails from Teradata

Mobile Marketing Goes Everywhere

The mobile user is now at the heart of successful digital marketing. Teradata Digital Marketing Center has the tools to optimize the way people experience your campaigns on the move.

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Social Media Marketing & Social Media Software from Teradata

Social Media Marketing Boosts Relationships

Gain a clear and comprehensive view of your social network engagements and use Facebook Audiences Onboarding for your cross-channel campaigns, then react to customers and prospects in real-time as they use social media to guide their purchasing decisions.

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Website Creation Software from Teradata

Web Marketing Expands Campaigns

Create persuasive landing pages using advanced tools within Teradata Digital Marketing Center to make your Web presence a valuable part of your wider marketing campaigns.

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Marketing Analytics from Teradata

Integrate Customer Data from All Touch Points

Pinpoint anonymous and known audiences from your paid, earned and owned channels. Collect and unify data for deep insights that drive individualized marketing from one place with the Data Management Platform

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Digital Marketing Overview

Digital Marketing - Solution Overview

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