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  • The way email and social networks are used
  • The important viral effects of social media
  • How and why do consumers use Facebook, Twitter and Email?
  • Brand loyalty through social media
  • What is the right content to post on social networks

The most comprehensive study of social media and email marketing in Europe

Many marketers see Email, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks as channels that compete with one another. Consumers on the other hand, use these channels in many different ways but do not treat them as mutually exclusive. In fact, consumers use the strengths of each channel for their communications and this is exactly what marketers should be doing too!

Teradata's (formerly eCircle) "European Social Media and Email Marketing" study series was conducted in cooperation with Mediacom Science and reveals new insights into how consumers engage with brands via email and social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, and offers marketers the opportunity to see how they can effectively optimise these channels.

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Here are a few select findings from part one of the study to utilise in your social media strategy:

  •  38% of Twitter users and 27% of Facebook users utilise these platforms to learn about products and companies.
  • There is a strong overlap between the number of people who can be reached through email newsletters and social media marketing, with 56% of internet users accepting marketing message via both these channels.
  • Almost one fifth of internet users (18%) can only be reached through newsletters. 56% of fans and followers of company / brand profiles are also reached by newsletters.
  • Only a small proportion of users (8%) have used the "Share With Your Network" (SWYN) feature in emails to share the contents with their private networks. But at 18%, the proportion of Twitter users who have used this feature is significantly higher than average.

The "European Social Media and Email Marketing" three part study series analyses responses from consumers and key decision-makers across Europe's six largest online markets: Germany, Britain, France, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain.

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