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Learn all about:

  • The online marketing tools used by marketers across Europe
  • Social media marketing objectives
  • Email marketing tactics used by European companies
  • The relationship between social media and email marketing

The most comprehensive study of social media and email marketing in Europe

In this third and final part of Teradata’s (formerly eCircle) European Social Media and Email Marketing Study, online marketers share their views on social media and email. This is in contrast to the first two parts of the series which focused on the usage behaviour of consumers.

Teradata's "European Social Media and Email Marketing" study series was conducted in cooperation with Mediacom Science and reveals for the first time a complete picture of whether the current social media and email activities of companies are being applied to marketing and communication goals via a combination of consumers and decision makers opinions.

Here are a few select findings from part three of the study to utilise in your social media strategy:

  • Email marketing is the most widely used online marketing channel with nearly 60% of the surveyed decision makers across Europe utilising this tactic
  • Two-thirds of UK Marketing Decision Makers use email marketing, whereas in Italy only half of the recipients surveyed communicate with this channel.
  • The most widely used advertising channel in social networks is booked advertising, such as Facebook Ads.
  • The UK and Spain are leading the way for social media adoption in corporate communications, with 90% of UK Marketing Decision Makers actively engaging in social media marketing with the use of Facebook for their activities.
  • Three-quarters of the Marketing Decision Makers surveyed are aware of the existence of ‘social email marketing. However, only a third of companies capitalise on the link between social media and email marketing.

The "European Social Media and Email Marketing" three part study series analyses responses from consumers and key decision-makers across Europe's six largest online markets: Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Take this exclusive opportunity to download the final results of this three-part study now:

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