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Volvo achieves remarkable response rates by using Teradata marketing solutions and services.

Many new and exciting car models shape the face of the Volvo brand every year so it’s hardly surprising that Volvo is also pursuing new, innovative ways of communication. Volvo has begun using email marketing to complement its existing marketing mix, not only alongside traditional dialogue marketing campaigns but also to amplify its other online marketing methods. The key objective with this initiative is to measurably increase the response rates of all advertising tools.

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“Today a continuous communication with our customers is vital for us and we place a high value on close personal contact with them, which is best maintained via email or letter.”

Oliver Engling
Head of Advertising and CRM

Virgin Limited Edition

Virgin Limited Edition increased click-through rates by more than 100 per cent with the help of the Teradata Digital Marketing solution.

Virgin Limited Edition came to Teradata with a goal to increase email open rates, improve customer engagement to drive a higher volume of traffic to the website, and increase customer enquiries to improve customer acquisition rates through email. By creating new CMS template designs and ensuring that the designs accurately portrayed Virgin’s message, Teradata was able to help to boost open rates by 30%, increase click-through rates, and significantly increase customer enquiries.

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“Teradata helped improve our open rates significantly, and our click-through rates more than doubled. We’re delighted with our improved results."

Robert Speirs
Marketing Manager


Samsung achieved more than 14 million new page impressions and targeted campaigns for audience segments with Teradata solutions.

Teradata helped Samsung improve email deliverability, increase brand loyalty and awareness, and generate sales leads by making it easy to create attractive seasonal and video mail campaigns. Samsung saw an increase in website traffic — 14 million new page impressions — and created accurate audience segments. 

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“Our email marketing strategy has yielded good results for us in the last five years, enabling us to build a significant range of touch points with our membership.”

Nick Turner-Samuels
Online Marketing Manager


With the Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager, Hertz is improving customer service and revenue.

By finding a way to standardise and integrate customer data through the Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager, Hertz is now able to deliver an average of 56,000 real-time offers specific to individual customers through multiple channels while providing a consistent brand experience around the globe. This makes it faster and easier for customers to get their hired car and go. As a result, Hertz is now dominating the global hire car market.

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“So we bring all of our campaign and real-time results into the integrated warehouse. And the beauty of the tool, the Teradata Applications tools, is those real-time offers we can actually take those and perform a campaign using the CIM tool. If a customer’s responded to the message or the offer but they haven’t completed everything we can send a follow-up email all integrated under one solution.”

Greg Palk
Manager CRM Applications

Procter & Gamble

With Teradata integrated marketing applications, P&G now has access to a comprehensive view of their customers with accurate data regarding interests, activities, and preferences.

The world’s second largest provider of consumer packaged goods, Procter & Gamble, faced significant challenges with harnessing data from more than 4.5 billion global customers and engaging those customers online. P&G turned to Teradata for marketing applications that could handle a high volume of data and provide a single view of global customers. With Teradata Customer Interaction Manager, P&G can now track engagement and behaviour across millions of customers and provide more personalised messages and interactions.

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“There is no question we’ve seen double-digit improvements in our marketing spend and engagement with consumers and their responses.”

Tony Hudnell
P&G Associate Director

American Eagle

With integrated Teradata solutions, American Eagle Outfitters now has a “full and single” view of the customer.

American Eagle Outfitters is keen to catch their customers within seconds of interacting with them. They knew that the immediate out-of-the-box integration with their existing Teradata Data Warehouse and an agile integrate marketing solution would be essential. American Eagle Outfitters uses multiple channels - direct mail, email and SMS. They use data to determine how best to communicate, and see a typical email-open rate of 50% when they specifically segment and personalise.

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“American Eagle Outfitters is a data-driven business because we’re trying to pass all the information that we get from a customer into a unified type of message and make sure that they are able to be fun with our product and get into our stores and interact with our people.”

Rick Guntang
Senior Manager of Performance Marketing Operations