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Teradata's Marketing Solutions


Increase customer engagement with Teradata Marketing Applications. Leverage powerful marketing automation and power your digital marketing campaigns. Achieve more agile marketing and understand the needs of individual customers. Generate integrated insights using customer data harvested from anonymous and known touch points. Execute connected interactions that elevate brand value, and increase revenue.

By empowering your enterprise marketing program with Teradata Marketing Applications’ marketing solutions, bridge the gap between marketing and IT. This information bridge allows your entire organization to capitalise on customer data by operationalising processes, use insights to embrace each customer’s needs, then achieve truly Individualized Marketing.

Find out how successful companies worldwide are using Teradata Marketing Applications to identify, understand and engage with customers in today's real-time world.


Put integrated marketing solutions to work for you. With decades of marketing, data, and analytics experience and more than 2,400 global marketing applications implementations completed, the Teradata service teams have the unparalleled experience required to get you from application design through implementation. Teradata Services can provide the professional marketing support and strategic guidance you need to maximise the value of your technology investment.


Contact us to discover how Teradata integrated marketing applications and services can transform the way you work. Visit the services page to learn more.