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  • Teradata data-driven Marketing Applications


    Teradata's Integrated Marketing Cloud helps you drive business impact and win customer loyalty by continually monitoring – and refining – your data-driven marketing strategy.

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  • Teradata data-driven Marketing Applications


    Adopting new approaches and new marketing applications doesn't have to be a headache. From database support to user testing, our consulting team can help.

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  • Customer-centric marketing strategy


    Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud gives you the critical insights to form deeper customer connections.
    What would you do if you knew?™ ... how to harness the power of your data to develop relevant, customer-centric marketing strategies?

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  • integrated marketing solution


    Visit our Cloud Stories platform and get all the latest studies, whitepapers and insights on how brands succeed with integrated marketing

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What would you do if you knew?™ ... all the tools you needed to be an effective marketer were right at your fingertips?

Build stronger customer experiences and boost sales by consolidating every element of your data-driven marketing program — including processes, resources, campaign financials, performance analytics, and even digital messaging templates — in a single application, on-premise or in the cloud. Marketers, meet the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud.

Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud

Marketing Operations

Get the Most from Your Marketing

Be agile, be proactive with Teradata Marketing Operations. Manage workflows, budgets, and market-ready assets that meet brand standards and industry regulations.

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Maximise the Impact of Your Marketing Spend

Find out quickly what’s working and what’s not — and make real-time adjustments — with Teradata Planning & Spend Manager.

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Reap the Rewards of Proactive Collaboration

Get the input you need to execute powerful — and compliant — marketing campaigns that provide real customer value with Teradata Workflow & Collaboration Manager.

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Manage Your Valuable Assets

Maximise investments in both brand messaging and asset development and provide easy resource access for colleagues worldwide with Teradata Marketing Asset Manager.

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Campaign Management

Give Your Customers What They Want

Deepen your customer relationships by delivering personalised, relevant, real-time inbound and outbound communications with Teradata Campaign Management.

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Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time in the Right Place

Segment your customers, connect with them on their terms, and power your communications results with Teradata Customer Interaction Manager.

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Create Real Impact in Real-Time

Ensure your cross-channel customer data fuels relevant, timely interactions with Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager.

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Digital Marketing

Embrace Sophisticated Digital Delivery

Create, test, execute, and optimise your digital campaigns via email, social, and mobile with Teradata Digital Marketing.

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Perfect Your Inbox Accuracy

Design, optimise, and personalise your email content – and reinforce the value of your brand – with Teradata Email Marketing.

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Build Relationships On-the-Go

Let your customers choose when, where, and how they interact with you. Be there when they need you with Teradata Mobile Marketing.

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Improve Your Social Interactions

Integrate social media data into your communications and increase your campaign reach with Teradata Social Media Marketing. 

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Build a Stronger Online Presence

Create instant landing pages that engage your target customers with Teradata Web’s flexible, custom capabilities.

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Teradata Interactive

Create, Communicate, and Convert with Confidence

From campaign strategy and creative design to data management and deliverability (plus everything in between!), our team of seasoned experts helps power your digital marketing campaigns. Send cross-channel customer communications that lead to conversions with Teradata Interactive.

Teradata Interactive

Meet Our Valued Customers

Find out why the world’s savviest communicators rely on Teradata technology and support services to attract and retain their most valuable customers.

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Happening Now

Teradata Connect 2015

Teradata Connect 2015

Join us for the Marketing Event of the year and get connected with peers and experts!

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Increase Engagement with Mobile Push Messaging

Increase Engagement with Mobile Push Messaging

Teradata recently acquired Appoxee to offer leading mobile marketing capabilities and enable brands to directly connect to their customers in real-time on their smartphones.

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Balancing Personalisation and Privacy

Balancing Personalisation and Privacy

Teradata and Celebrus conducted a study to examine the different attitudes towards personalisation and data privacy amongst consumers in the UK and Germany. 

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How to develop a data-driven Marketing Strategy with Teradata's Integrated Marketing Cloud


Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud

Analyst Report

2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated Marketing Management

Case Study

The Qantas Experience: Transition to Integrated Marketing Management

More Than Marketing

Drive new business growth by analysing and using your customer data with precision. Trust Teradata to help guide your journey.

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Prove Your Prowess with Analytics

Optimise your marketing spend, assess your performance, strategically adjust your campaigns, and prove your marketing wins with Teradata Analytic Data Platforms.

Workload Specific Platforms
Data Warehouse Software
Discovery Platform
Tools & Utilities

A Trusted Team

Identify and implement the right marketing application for your business to ensure you’re strengthening customer relationships and maximising ROI. Teradata Services is ready to help.

Marketing Consulting Services
Implementation & Enhanced Services
Customer Services
Cloud Services
Teradata Interactive


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